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  • Aikao C.
    Aikao C.
    Sonia has been our trusted real-estate agent for the past 5 years.  She is very knowledgeable, and friendly.  She gave us the recommendations we needed to successfully buy and sell our place.  Since then, she has helped my parents, siblings and in-law buy/sell their properties.
  • Shin L.
    Shin L.
    Best Realtor ever! Efficient, responsive, professional, cooperative, and knowledgeable!
  • Nichole L.
    Nichole L.
    Sonia is the kind of realtor that one would be blessed to have. She helped us with our short-term rental when we first moved to Vancouver in 2013, committing no less energy and enthusiasm than when managing our home purchase two years later. She has been THE real-estate professional whom we consult with all these years, for matters small as home improvement or significant as to invest. We trust fully that she always provides the most sensible, thoughtful advice drawn out of her deep knowledge of the economy and the market, and more importantly, respect and compassion for her clients. She’d take the time to meticulously inform you of every aspect of the decision-making process, and yet when the right time comes, her ability to act on your behalf with speed and precision is phenomenal. I’m in awe how even-tempered and calming she is, yet an absolute delight to work with! We are so fortunate to have found such an ultimate professional and a friend in Sonia, that we wholeheartedly wish others the same luck.
  • L. Chen
    L. Chen
    Choosing Sonia as my agent has been a rewarding decision. Her Knowledge about the market is definitely hard to come by, and it has been a pleasure to have access to her outstanding experience. Many evenings and weekends were patiently dedicated to discuss my needs as a client, and without compromise. I am extremely grateful for her consideration when it came to my specific requests and preferences. To her, the client is truly the most important aspect for her profession. Our family is extremely happy with our new home.

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